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Publish presentation

Co oznacza publikowanie prezentacji?

What does it mean to publish a presentation?

Publishing a presentation is connected  with fact of visibility of it in presentation  catalog, also with opportunity of downloading\ buying it by another users. After publishing a presentation you will be able to earn money on its multiple sales. 

Publishing a presentations is voluntary. Remember, that you can only have five presentations generated, private and does not send to publication, in your account. 


Jak publikować prezentacje?

How to publish the presentations? 

Publishing a presentation is possible after its previous generation. You can find option of publishing a presentation on the presentation list, after log in to your account (My account -> Presentations -> My presentations). Mark the presentations for publish and use the “Publish” button from upper menu. You can also publish the presentation in edition window.


Ile kosztuje publikowanie prezentacji?

How much it costs to publish a presentation? 

Publishing a presentation is completely free. While publishing a presentation you are agreeing  to its purchase by other users, so  you will earn on this purchase.  


Czy mogę anulować publikowanie prezentacji?

Can I cancel publishing a presentation? 

You can cancel publishing in every moment. In this case (in My account -> Presentations -> My presentations), mark the presentation and click “Unpublish”. The presentation will automatically disappear from catalog and it will not be able to be viewed or download by other users. You can cancel presentation in its edition window. 

There is also an opportunity of blocking the view and purchasing your own presentations in your country. Click “exclude my country” in edition window. Logged users, who are from your country will not be able to download or viewed it. All unlogged users will only be able to see your presentation.





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