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Handbag Kazar - market360, prezentacje 360, presentations 360
Handbag Kazar - market360, prezentacje 360, presentations 360
Resolution: 1880x2000
Frames: 52
Views: 844
Downloads: 4
Date added: 18-07-2014

Handbag Kazar


Price: 5 Credits


Product description

The multi-colour elegant bag, made from the grain leather. The fashionable combination of dark blue, red and white gives it the elegant character. The modern design emphasizes its vanguard look. Golden metal elements, Kazar logo and very decorative pocket give it style. Short red handles allow for carrying the bag on the forearm or in hand. Moreover the bag is equipped with the detachable long belt allowing for carrying on the arm. The bag is closed with the zipper. There is the back pocket with the zipper.

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