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Support & help center

1. How to add the 360 product view to Your own site?

The generated 360 product view may be downloaded from three places in Each downloaded 360 presentation (in .zip format) must be extracted from the archive...

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2. How to add 360 product view to Your own site - for dummies

In order to place the 360 product view in any web site it is first required to download the archive file in ZIP format with all files required for correct displaying of the presentation...

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3. How to create the 360 product view in

First of all, before adding the 360 product view in You should make the series of photos of rotating product. Optimally the presentation should consist of minimum 24 photos, which makes transitions between them during rotation invisible...

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4. How "key frames" are working?

In you can find 360 packshots either with the key frames or without them. It all depends on the presentation's author... 

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5. Structure of photos in the downloaded 360 product view

Each downloaded presentation is a set of all presentation photos in maximum 5 resolutions of the widths...

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