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About market360

Czym jest Market360?

 What is Market360?

Market360 is a first online bank of 360 product views. Our goal is to support producers, photographers and online stores in process of creation, distribution and implementation of product images in a form of  360 product view.


Czym jest prezentacje 360?

 What is a 360 product view?

A 360 product view is an excellent technique of presenting products in online stores, blogs and social networks. Using and watching a 360 product visualisation is the closest experience to dealing with a product in reality, that is: touching, moving, discovering it. It gives that natural, positive feeling – especially on mobile devices –  which increases customer engagement and significantly influences sales growth.


Trochę naszej historii.

 A little bit of history

We stem being an online store. For the last couple of years we were completely engaged in running a big store selling articles for children. It was a kind of testing ground, on which we have explored many different marketing scenarios. One of them (focusing on providing customer with the best visual information) has led us to create a service company which specializes in product photography, 360 product visualization and video presentations. We focused on spin photography and by spending many hours on that subject, creating thousands of 360 product views, we have quickly become the most experienced team in that field. Furthermore, we have created Market360, which aim is to increase the availability of ready-made 360 product presentations in affordable prices.


Jeżeli jesteś fotografem ...

 If you are a photographer who makes 360 product views ...

You should upload them to our website and sell them to new customers all over the world. By creating 360 degree product views of popular and attractive items you have the chance to sell your creative work many times.


Jeżeli prowadzisz sklep ...

 If you run an online store ...

You will enrich your product offer by adding the ready-made rotating visualisations. Check how they increase involvement of your customers and sales conversion of your products. In our store, products with a 360 view had an average 40% higher sales conversion than those without it (and we have run a lot of A/B tests). Our 360 product images available on Market360 are easy to implement, affordable and above all, they do not require all the logistics of creating a photo packshots from the scratch. 


Jeżeli jesteś producentem ..

 If you are a producer ...

Make sure that your online retailers / distributors have a high quality, effective, sale-supporting materials. Promote your 360 degree product's views in Market360 and, by making it free to use, build yourself a bigger sales network supported by the highest quality visual documentation. 




Wykonamy prezentacje 360